A Harvest Wedding (2017) Victor Webster, Jill Wagner, Andrea Brooks, Rachelle Gillis, Glynis Davies, Trevor Lerner Movie Review

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Jill Wagner and Victor Webster in A Harvest Wedding (2017)

Harvesting in the Autumn Love

Sarah Bloom's (Jill Wagner - Autumn Dreams) life is a long way from what it was when she lived in Williamstown, Massachusetts as she is now an on the up New York wedding planner who is always focused on doing her job right. One of her clients, Abby (Andrea Brooks - A Wish for Christmas), turns out to be marrying Tom (Marcus Rosner - Autumn in the Vineyard) who not only comes from Williamstown, Massachusetts but happens to be the younger brother of David Nichols (Victor Webster - Home for Christmas Day) who back in the day Sarah dated. To make matters more complicated they want to use the family farm as a venue for the wedding and David now runs it, which means Sarah is going to be spending time not only back in the picturesque town she grew up in but with David as well. Things get interesting when a wedding journalist shows up and starts to flirt with Sarah as it brings out David's true feelings for her.

It's Hallmark movie time again and that means me desperately trying not to sound like a broken record and saying what I said about another Hallmark movie all over again. Well thankfully whilst "A Harvest Wedding" is a pretty stereotypical Hallmark movie it does have a little variation which is nice. But before I get to that little variation on the usual we do have the usual which in this case is the city girl who returns home to where she grew up and coming face to face with a former sweetheart. With this being part of the Autumn run of Hallmark movies we not only have trees covered in beautiful rust coloured leaves but there is mention of harvest and farmer's markets. I could go on because "A Harvest Wedding" reliably delivers what fans of Hallmark movies watch for - quaint, traditional and picturesque.

But as I mentioned "A Harvest Wedding" has a slight variation to the usual Hallmark formula with this one not having the usual shallow boyfriend in the city who shows up to throw a spanner in the works. Instead what we get is a romantic rival who appears and causes David to become a little jealous. On top of that we have David initially not being very open about how he still has feelings for Sarah whilst Sarah takes time to realise she is falling in love with David all over again. These are only small variations on the usual Hallmark movie formula but are welcome as they prevent "A Harvest Wedding" just being about the appeal of Jill Wagner and Victor Webster going through the motions.

What this all boils down to is that "A Harvest Wedding" is another warm and pleasant movie for those who watch Hallmark movies for some uncomplicated, romantic entertainment.