A Mother Betrayed (2015) Lynn Collins, Adam Kaufman, Bree Williamson, Joanna Cassidy, Richard Cox Movie Review

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Lynn Collins in A Mother Betrayed (2015)

In Need of a Memory Lapse

It was a great day for Monica (Lynn Collins - John Carter), she was in love and expecting her first child, but in a blink of an eye her life changed when a car crash left her a single mother. Years later and Monica is obsessed about two things; her child and the architectural business which she runs and built up with her late husband. That all changes when her assistant, Lisa (Bree Williamson - Portrait of Love), introduces her to Kevin (Adam Kaufman - The Thanksgiving House) and she not only quickly falls for him but they get married, much to the concern of her mum Barbara (Joanna Cassidy) and father Harry (Richard Cox). But suddenly the in control Monica finds her life out of control when things start to happen which cause her to think she is going mad and lead to her being committed to a psychiatric hospital by Kevin.

"A Mother Betrayed" is the product of a rolodex! Bemused, confused, think maybe I should be the one who is getting committed, well let me explain. I believe those behind TV movies have a rolodex with each card featuring a storyline and once they finish making one movie they flick over to the next and of course eventually they come back to the same storyline. It is why every few years you come across a movie which is extremely familiar to one you may have watched a while back and that is the case of "A Mother Betrayed" with a storyline about a single woman who ends up being made to think she is going mad after she finds new love.

Adam Kaufman in A Mother Betrayed (2015)

As such once you know "A Mother Betrayed" features a single mum who meets Mr. Right and ends up being committed to a psychiatric hospita it becomes one of those movies which turns in to background noise. This is especially the case because it follows a modern trend of being incredibly unsubtle and that is right from the word go with a scene on a beach which features the sort of romantic acting which belongs in a soap opera rather than a movie.

But it isn't just the acting as it drops clues as to what is happening as if the audience were stupid. Let me just put it this way, they might as well have dressed up Lisa, Monica's assistant, as if she was in a pantomime as the stares, the acts of sneaking around and general sense of pent up anger are painfully over the top. I suppose if you have never watched one of these movies about someone driven to think they are going mad then you won't spot what is really going on but if you have trust me the familiarity of the story combined with the lack of subtlety makes it all far too obvious and almost entertaining for being so forced.

What this all boils down to is that "A Mother Betrayed" might entertain those who haven't watched many TV movies before but those who have are likely to be familiar with the made to feel insane storyline and so will find this all a little too obvious.