A Royal Christmas (2014) Movie Review

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Lacey Chabert in A Royal Christmas (2014)

Chabert's Christmas Fairytale

Emma Taylor (Lacey Chabert - The Sweetest Christmas) is just a regular young woman who is proud of her working class background having trained as a seamstress under her father in the family shop. She also has the perfect boyfriend, Leopold (Stephen Hagan), who is due to be spending Christmas with the Taylor family. But then he drops the bombshell, Leopold is in fact Prince Leopold of Cordinia and he has to return to the small principality which he calls home and would like to take Emma home to meet his mum. But Leopold's mum Isadora - Queen of Cordinia (Jane Seymour - The Velveteen Rabbit) is not happy that her son is not only bringing an American home with him but that he also plans to propose to her.

What is it with Hallmark Christmas movies this year as ever single one I have seen released in 2014 suffers from a constant and intrusive soundtrack which long before the movie ends has gotten on my nerves. It is a shame as some reasonably fun Christmas movies have been spoiled by who ever has been responsible for the soundtrack.

Stephen Hagan in A Royal Christmas (2014)

With that moan out of the way it has to be said that "A Royal Christmas" is not one of those really good Hallmark Christmas movies which you want to watch again because sadly it recycles the familiar storyline of a Prince taking home a non royal to meet the disapproving parents. You almost begin to wonder when back in 2004 they made "The Prince & Me" they wanted Lacey Chabert and when she wasn't cast someone came up with this as it is very similar in basic concept. I suppose for young teens who may not have seen "The Prince & Me" "A Royal Christmas" will still be fun but for anyone over the age of 18 the cheesy obviousness of it all could be kind of annoying.

Now what is clear is that "A Royal Christmas" relies heavily on the likeable nature of Lacey Chabert and Chabert is full on adorable from start to finish, she does sweet better than anyone I know and has that Hallmark appeal. But even Lacey Chabert can't make this movie really work and unfortunately Stephen Hagan sounds like he is auditioning for the role of a young Clive Owen in every scene. And as for Jane Seymour as the Queen, well she does catty quite brilliantly but is seriously under-used, although it does allow for an in joke with her daughter, Katherine Flynn, appearing as a rival for Emma.

What this all boils down to is that "A Royal Christmas" probably will entertain a young teenage audience with its fairytale Christmas story. But for grown ups who watch because they may have a fondness for Lacey Chabert this comes up short or in truth ends up being too familiar and too cheesy.

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