A Surrogate's Nightmare (2017) Poppy Montgomery, Emily Tennant, Ty Olsson, Steven Krueger, Peter Benson, Paul Cousins, Glynis Davies, Becky Hachey, Raphael Kepinski, Bri Neal, David Stuart Movie Review

A Surrogate's Nightmare (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Emily Tennant and Poppy Montgomery in A Surrogate's Nightmare (2017)

Scaring the Surrogate

Shelley (Emily Tennant - Driven Underground) always wanted to be a mum and with husband, David (Steven Krueger), they hoped to start a family. Unfortunately it turns out they can't have children and not only is IVF too expensive but adoption is not possible either. That is when Shelley's older sister, Angela (Poppy Montgomery - Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris with Love), offers to be her sister's surrogate which leads to them spending plenty of time together and Shelley learning a bit about why Angela didn't get on with their mum, who recently died in an accident. But it seems that someone doesn't want the baby to be born and Angela not only finds herself being stalked but also her life thrown in danger.

Let me break "A Surrogate's Nightmare" down as to what we discover very quickly. Almost straight away we witness Shelley's mum murdered by a hoodie wearing man, her older sister arrives and there is something a little curious about her, as if she is keeping something secret. Then there is Shelley's husband who is also being secretive, something which is making Shelley worried especially as he wants to sell their home which was her childhood home. Add to that Curt, a former boyfriend of Angela's, who seems to want to rekindle things with her but seems like he could have anger management issues. As such is Richard just into Shelley for the money and so doesn't want children, is Curt desperate to be with Angela that he could cause her to miscarry and then there is the secretive Angela, what is her secret, maybe she killed her own mum?

Ty Olsson in A Surrogate's Nightmare (2017)

And so I have to say that "A Surrogate's Nightmare" certainly has a few threads and characters which definitely makes it a movie with not only intrigue but one of those movies which draws you in to making a guess of who is bad, who is good and who is likely to turn hero by the time the credits start to show. On top of that this is a movie where characters grow in what they think which leads to some entertaining twists such as when Curt sees Angela with David. As such whilst the main players in the movie are quickly put in to place the story and characters evolve in a way which keeps you wondering and questioning whether what you might have initially thought is as it seems. And no I am not going to tell you how "A Surrogate's Nightmare" ends up playing out.

Now it is worth quickly mentioning that "A Surrogate's Nightmare" benefits greatly from having a cast with several familiar actors in it such as Poppy Montgomery, Emily Tennant, Ty Olsson and also Peter Benson who shows up in a minor role. These actors who have appeared in other TV movies know exactly how to play their parts in a way which keeps the audience watching even when the characters seem like they have no depth.

What this all boils down to is that "A Surrogate's Nightmare" ended up a lot more entertaining than I was expecting with a set up which evolves nicely, taking you from thinking one thing only to begin to think another when it comes to who and what the danger is in the movie.