American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989) David Bradley, Steve James, Marjoe Gortner, Michele B. Chan, Yehuda Efroni Movie Review

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)   2/52/52/52/52/5

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)

A Fight Against Time & Weak Writing

As a child Sean Davidson (David Bradley) witness the murder of his father, a martial arts champion and after many years of dedication and studying Sean has also become a martial arts champion. It is whilst attending a contest where Curtis Jackson (Steve James) is helping to referee, Sean finds himself fighting some ninja when he sees his master being kidnapped by them. They soon discover that the ninja work for a terrorist known as "The Cobra" and when the ninjas manage to infect Sean with a virus things become all the more urgent.

Weak storyline, weak acting, weak writing but there is action and Steven James' muscular arms and to be honest, and I can't believe I am saying this, it is almost enough. Look, anyone who had watched the previous two "American Ninja" movies or anything which the Cannon Group was churning out during the second half of the 80s would know to turn the dial down on expectations when watching "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt". And as such if you watch expecting a good movie you are going to be seriously disappointed as there is everything which makes a bad movie from actors who hesitate to a storyline which you suspect was being made up on the fly.

But of course "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" is really all about the action scenes and honestly it is hit n miss. Whilst Steve Kames and David Bradley do a nice job of playing action heroes some of the stunt crew in the big fight scenes look like they are waiting to be told to move adding to that air of hesitance which dominates the movie. And then some of the action scenes look simply fake such as one involving stealing micro lights. It is a case that for every action scene which delivers the sort of martial arts action which you watch for there are those which end up as weak as everything else in the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" is to be honest what you expect from a Cannon Group movie from 1989 which is action which is hit n miss and everything else is pretty weak. Yet it is still watchable as long as your expectations are not high.