American Pie Presents Beta House (2007) starring John White, Steve Talley, Eugene Levy, Meghan Heffern, Jake Siegel, Nic Nac, Jonathan Keltz, Bradford Anderson, Dan Petronijevic, Christopher McDonald directed by Andrew Waller Movie Review

American Pie Presents Beta House (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jake Siegel, Nic Nac and John White in American Pie Presents Beta House

American Pie Does Animal House

Well having introduced us to the new characters of Erik & Dwight Stifler played by John White & Steve Talley, in "American Pie Presents the Naked Mile" it did sort of make sense to make another movie in the ever increasing "American Pie" franchise and so we got "American Pie Presents Beta House" another movie which is enjoyable but still lacks the enjoyment of the original "American Pie". Thankfully this time round with "American Pie Presents Beta House" the movie carries on with the same characters from the previous movie and that includes Eugene Levy who once again returns as Mr. Levenstein. Plus it delivers on the same level when it comes to humour and storyline making it a reasonably enjoyable movie.

Having finished High School, Erik (John White) and his best friend Cooze (Jake Siegel) are heading off to college to hook up again with his cousin Dwight (Steve Talley). Having experienced the delights of the infamous Naked Mile the previous year it makes sense that Erik and his friends pledge to Beta House fraternity, especially as Dwight presides over it. But as well as having to complete a series of outrageous pledges to show they have what it takes they also have to help the Beta fraternity beat off their enemies the Geek fraternity who are intent on spoiling everything.

Eugene Levy as Mr. Levenstein in American Pie Presents Beta House

Well like its predecessor "American Pie Presents Beta House" follows very much in the same style with the main focus of the movie being on sex jokes and naked flesh, what else would you expect from an "American Pie" movie. Well unfortunately the usual subtle message has completely gone and although you have the two stories going on one of pledging and the other beating the rivals which provide a good vehicle for the humour, there is no message about true love to provide meaning. This really does make "American Pie Presents Beta House" just a balls out comedy, quite literally, and college mayhem rather than anything else. For me I missed the subtle message but for most I doubt it will make that much difference.

Comedy wise well it is very similar to "American Pie Presents The Naked Mile" with less emphasis put on the gross out comedy but more on naked flesh. Although saying that there definitely seems to be less breasts on show this time round. Personally I actually preferred the humour in "American Pie Presents Beta House" to the last movie as it seemed a lot more varied and although at times it relied on quite cheap, lewd gags there were a few moments which were in fact quite clever. It is certainly a movie where scene after scene there will be something to make you laugh most often featuring nudity or sexual innuendo.

Again, like with all these "American Pie Presents ..." we see Eugene Levy return as Mr. Levenstein and again he provides plenty of humour with his awkward fatherly advice to the Stifler boys. But the stars are again John White and Steve Talley as the Stifler boys with both putting much better performances in than last time round. Don't get me wrong as they are not great but these two have done a good job of creating characters which are enjoyable to watch and provide a decent level of continuity. The supporting cast do a good job but lack the interest that raises them up from just being in the back ground.

What this all boils down it that "American Pie Presents Beta House" is an adequate follow up to "American Pie Presents The Naked Mile" and works well as it keeps the same characters and stars as before. Other than a different storyline it is very similar to its predecessor with the emphasis of the movie being on nudity and sexual comedy rather than on a storyline, but it is enjoyable, will get you laughing but probably won't stick in your memory like the original "American Pie" did.