Assassin (2015) Danny Dyer, Martin Kemp, Gary Kemp, Natalia Ryumina, Holly Weston Movie Review

Assassin (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Danny Dyer in Assassin (2015)


Jamie (Danny Dyer) is a cold blood hitman on the payroll of brothers Lee (Martin Kemp) and John Alberts (Gary Kemp) who want him to take out a local businessman who has pissed them off over a proposed development they were investing in. Trouble is that Jamie has fallen for Chloe (Holly Weston) the daughter of the man he has killed and whilst she hasn't got a clue of his involvement he finds himself having to go up against his bosses in order to protect her especially as she is convinced her father's death was down to the Alberts.

"Assassin" comes under the heading of "Danny Dyer is Tough as Nails" when you try to group it with other movies as pretty much the entire movie is about him being a tough guy, unafraid of anyone and the embodiment of being strong and silent. Unfortunately Danny Dyer doing mean and moody but with a nice side when it comes to his girl is not that entertaining, okay there are in fact times it borders on being bad.

But in fairness, whilst Danny Dyer's Jamie is a weak character the rest of "Assassins" is no better as the storyline of a hitman watching out for the daughter of the man he killed is not only ordinary it is in this case unimaginative. On top of the unimaginative nature of Jamie becoming this sort of dark guardian angel as he watches over Chloe you have some horrendously mundane dialogue. Even the Kemp brothers as a couple of retired criminals who pay others to do their dirty work fail to make this any more entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Assassins" is simply an incredibly weak movie which ends up painfully dull. I wish I could say it was better as I do like a bit of Danny Dyer but this was just a misfire from beginning to end.