Attack of the Werewolves (2011) (aka: Game of Werewolves) Gorka Otxoa, Carlos Areces, Secun de la Rosa, Mabel Rivera Movie Review

Attack of the Werewolves (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Attack of the Werewolves (2011) starring Gorka Otxoa, Carlos Areces, Secun de la Rosa, Mabel Rivera

A Spanish Werewolf in a Village

Back in 1910 a village was put under a curse with a werewolf preying on the residents. 100 years later and the villagers still under the curse are desperate to find a way of removing it. Tomas, a blood line relative of those who caused the curse all those years ago returns to the village unaware that the villagers would like to sacrifice him. But his plans or the villagers may not matter that much when the werewolves start prowling.

One day I will try to watch "Attack of the Werewolves" again because I feel like I should have enjoyed it a lot more than I did and to be honest saying I enjoyed it is actually more to do with that it didn't offend me. Maybe my issue comes from someone telling me it was "Shaun of the Dead" but with werewolves as sadly whilst we have a movie with friends it isn't close to the fun of "Shaun of the Dead" and to me seems split as to what it wants to be.

To put that in to context the look of "Attack of the Werewolves" is classic horror and it has genuinely atmospheric scenes which capitalize on the darkness to create atmosphere. But then we have the characters with lots of comedy going on around them with some genuinely amusing scenes including one which sees an amputated finger being cooked. The trouble is that for me the look and the humour don't work together despite both working individually.

Now there is another issue with "Attack of the Werewolves" as whilst it has its fair share of visual gags it has just as many verbal gags and this happens to be a Spanish movie. What it means is that for those who don't know Spanish will have to spend plenty of time keeping an eye on the subtitles to pick up the dialogue gags. It is part of the reason why I will watch it again some day as having spent the time looking at the subtitles I won't need to rely on them so much next time.

What this all boils down to is that I am sure that "Attack of the Werewolves" is a good movie but for some reason when I watched it didn't work for me. One day I will watch again and hopefully enjoy it more when I am not thinking is this really suppose to be as funny as "Shaun of the Dead."