Best Christmas Party Ever (2014) starring Torrey DeVitto, Steve Lund, Linda Thorson, Kalinka Petrie, Harmon Walsh, Emily Coutts directed by John Bradshaw Movie Review

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Steve Lund and Torrey DeVitto in Best Christmas Party Ever (2014)

It's a Hallmark Holiday Party

Jennie Stanton (Torrey DeVitto) is a party planner and after years of hard work she is good at her job even if it does make her a bit of a control freak when it comes to doing things not only right but her way. That is why when her boss Petra (Linda Thorson) decides to retire she hopes to be left running the party planning business. Unfortunately Petra brings in her favourite nephew Nick (Steve Lund) with the plan that he will take over the running of the business. Not only does that leave Jennie disappointed but Nick's laid back attitude leads to clashes with Jennie despite there being something there between them.

I heard someone describes musicals as boy meets girl, boy & girl fall in love, boy & girl hit a road bump, but things sort themselves out in time for the big musical finale. Having watched more Hallmark Christmas movies than I care to remember there are a variety of formulas which get used over and over again and "Best Christmas Party Ever" uses the career rivals who end up falling for each other formula. The formula isn't a new one and not one which Hallmark invented, back in the 60s Doris Day was doing the same thing in some of her romantic comedies.

But Hallmark always do a nice job of working with the formula especially when it comes to Christmas movies and "Best Christmas Party Ever" is a solid but typical Christmas movie based on this theme. You can guess the outcome before the movie has even started and once we meet the characters and learn the minimum about them you can predict where the ups and downs are going to come. In fact I reckon if you were to put "Best Christmas Party Ever" on at the same time as another Hallmark Christmas movie which uses the same rivals theme you would get the ups and downs at the same time. But that isn't a criticism because if the formula works why mess with it and this works with Torrey DeVitto and Steve Lund being the visually appealing couple who we follow.

What this all boils down to is that "Best Christmas Party Ever" is just a typical Hallmark Christmas movie with appealing people working with a familiar themed story of rivals becoming romantic. As such it isn't for everyone as these sweet movies aren't full of realism but for those who enjoy the laid back charm of Hallmark this will be a pleasant Christmas distraction.

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