Collision Earth (2011) Kirk Acevedo, Diane Farr, Chad Krowchuk, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Adam Greydon Reid, Andrew Airlie, David Lewis Movie Review

Collision Earth (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Kirk Acevedo in Collision Earth (2011)

Mercury Falling

Following a comet colliding with the Sun it causes it to convert into a giant magnetar which sends Mercury on to a collision course with Earth. In turn it causes a series of weird phenomena on Earth as meteors come crashing down and vehicles are lifted off the ground as flames flick across the skies. And it seems there is worse to come with disgraced scientist Dr. James Preston (Kirk Acevedo - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) discovering that his Project 7, a system shelved a couple of years ago, may be the key to preventing the worst. Except some people would rather do nothing than call on Preston for help. Meanwhile a space mission aboard the Nautilus may be crucial as well in coming up with a solution.

I have always said that anyone who watches one of these made for TV disaster movies expecting something good needs a reality check because these movies have limited budgets and that means poor effects, a rushed filming schedule, a lack of finish to the script and dialogue as well as actors who may only be loosely familiar. As such I watched "Collision Earth" knowing full well it wouldn't rock my world and would be stereotypically bad when it comes to everything from the special effects to the dialogue. Basically "Collision Earth" was almost everything I had expected from one of these made for TV disaster movies.

Unfortunately "Collision Earth" has a problem as those involved rather than embracing the cheesy side of the movie and having fun with some of the dialogue they take themselves all too seriously. This makes the movie more painful than ever because you could have a bunch of A-listers in this movie and they wouldn't be able to make this work as a serious disaster movie either. It isn't that it needs to be full on jokey but you need actors who can over sell the dialogue in a way which tells you that they are having fun rather than trying to work miracles with a rushed storyline and a rushed production.

And so there is a knock on effect of all this and that is that you lose interest and don't care. That is the thing, for "Collision Earth" to work seriously it needs to establish characters to warm to rather than just tossing these people at us. But because it doesn't you just end up groaning at everything from the dialogue to the effects and wondering when it will all be over.

What this all boils down to is that even for a fan of made for TV disaster movies "Collision Earth" ends up a struggle because rather than embracing the cheesy side of it everyone takes it far too seriously which highlights the deficiencies even more.