Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain (2003) starring Dean Cain, Reiley McClendon, Corbin Bernsen, Ashley Laurence directed by David S. Cass Sr. Movie Review

Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Cody Weiant and Reiley McClendon in Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain (2003)

Fog on the Mountain

Mark (Reiley McClendon) has settled down to life living with his uncle Jack (Dean Cain) up in the forest with Ben the bear which has chosen to be his friend. Jack is still friendly with Dakota (Ashley Laurence) whilst Mark is still friendly with Ashley (Cody Weiant) the daughter of local businessman Fog Benson (Corbin Bernsen). But there is trouble afoot when Fog announces he plans to drill on his land with Jack suspecting the worst even though Fog insisting his drilling is only to open a natural spring water business. But when Fog's drilling equipment is sabotaged Jack is arrested as the main suspect putting Mark at risk of being sent back to the city and put in a foster home. So it is up to Mark, Ashley and Ben to try and save the day as they uncover Fog's new business partners have not been the most up front about their intentions.

Some might call it unoriginal and cheesy; I call it good natured for a new generation. I am on about "Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain" which basically serves up innocent family drama for a new generation who probably hadn't even heard of "Gentle Ben" before these movies were made. As such I can sum "Gentle Ben 2" up by saying that there will be little which surprises you from bad guys to trouble as well as the kids saving a day but there is nothing wrong with that.

But what I will say about "Gentle Ben 2" is that it pushes its eco credentials harder this time around than it did during the first movie and the knock on effect of this is that it occasionally feels like it is forcing things more. It is the same with the humour as scenes such as Mark trying to bake brownies is too choreographed and chuck in to entertain rather tan being naturally part of the story.

What this all boils down to is that "Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain" is still an entertaining movie for all the family with a wholesome side which is lacking from many movies. But it does feel like it forces things a little more than in the last movie.