Get Smart, Again! (1989) starring Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Bernie Kopell, Richard Gautier, Robert Karvelas, King Moody, Harold Gould directed by Gary Nelson Movie Review

Get Smart, Again! (1989)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Don Adams in Get Smart, Again! (1989)

Out of Control

KAOS have returned and they are once again causing chaos with a 'weather machine' which allows them to control the climate around the world to the extent that they have been able to make it snow inside the Oval Office. There is only one person up to the task especially as the intelligence agency fear they have a mole and so they call Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) who use to be an agent during the 60s for Control. But Maxwell must keep the mission secret from everyone including his wife, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon).

I wasn't even born when "Get Smart" was a popular TV series back in 1970 and have not seen a single episode of the old series. The closest I have come to the series is having watched the 2008 remake with Steve Carell which whilst enjoyable didn't set my world on fire. But not having watched any of the old shows is not a road block to enjoying "Get Smart, Again!" because if you have seen the "Naked Gun" movies then this is more of the same with a lot of daft humour. Of course those who watched the original series will enjoy all the in jokes such as the walk through to the old Control building and of course jokes about shoe phones.

So in many ways this review is for those who have never watched an episode of "Get Smart" and from the "Get Smart" virgin point of view what we get is a comedy with an agent who is constantly accident prone; he sits in a chair he falls over, he hides in a grave only for it to be filled in soil and gets locked in a closet. Now it is all incredibly simple and stupid yet in an innocent sort of way a whole lot of fun. But there are also some nice visual touches and there is a fun joke involving an x-ray door which is played out in the background.

But like the "Naked Gun" movies that is pretty much all we get, an incredibly slim storyline about stopping KAOS which is purely a vehicle for lots of gags. As I keep on saying "Get Smart, Again!" has an extra layer of charm for those who loved the original series and will have the extra fun of all the in-jokes and seeing all the old faces again.

What this all boils down to is that "Get Smart, Again!" is a lot fun whether you are fan of the original TV series or have never seen it. But it is a case of slim storyline which is purely a vehicle for a lot of accident prone comedy.