Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (1990) Wendy Crewson, Paul Gross, Marion Gilsenan, Victoria Snow, Murray Cruchley Movie Review

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (1990)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Wendy Crewson in Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (1990)

Crewson has Sophie's Choice

When Sophie Ware's (Wendy Crewson - A Hobo's Christmas) father passes away she returns home from her job as a lounge musician in Toronto to not only attend the funeral but to take over the running of his ranch even if her mother, Vera (Marion Gilsenan), objects to her plans. But nothing is going to prevent Sophie from making a life for herself as a rancher and to help achieve it she hires Alex Bresnyachuk (Paul Gross - Passchendaele), who like her has returned to town and had been in the year below her at school. Whilst Sophie has to deal with her mum's constant objections she also has to deal with a teacher who has a thing for her, who also likes to stir things up with comments about Alex. But what Sophie also has to contend with is Alex's unusual business proposal as he wants to run the ranch and so suggests they get married, purely business, so they can keep the ranch going.

On paper "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" sounds like a lot of other made for TV movies, city girl returns home and is determined to keep the family ranch going despite issues and whilst doing so unexpectedly finds herself also finding love. But it is the tone of "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" which makes this feel different from what you might have been expecting as it has this romantic melodrama style, the sort where Sophie and Alex go skinny dipping with the sun bouncing off of the ripples in the lake. But whilst it has various romantic scenes as well as some obligatory drama, as secrets come out, it has a much slower and quieter style which makes this feel different to other romantic melodramas, less sensational when it comes to the big romantic side.

Paul Gross in Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (1990)

A big part of what makes "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" is the appeal of the cast as whilst we have the rollercoaster when it comes to Sophie's feelings for Alex they are not enough to sustain the movie. But the casting of Wendy Crewson and Paul Gross is spot on as they are attractive but in a relaxed way, as in when they are working the land they are attractive and look right together. Yes in fairness they play their parts well but it is their look together which makes this movie appealing and which draws you in and makes "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" a movie which trades on the look rather than the content.

What this all boils down to is that "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" is simply a pleasant romantic melodrama with a slow but surprisingly engaging style. But as much as the story works it is the appeal of Wendy Crewson and Paul Gross which draws you in and keeps you involved in the drama.