Goddess (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Laura Michelle Kelly in Goddess (2013)

Sinks and Swims

Poor Elspeth (Laura Michelle Kelly), not only does she have twin boys to raise but a farm to fix up and run whilst dealing with her husband James (Ronan Keating) always heading off to sea to record the sound of whales. With the webcam James set up so that she can stay in touch she decides to broadcast to him her witty songs she writes and performs in front of the kitchen sink. What she doesn't realise is the whole world is watching including Cassandra Wolfe (Magda Szubanski) who on spotting Elspeth wants her to head to the city to front an advertising campaign. Torn she decides to go leaving the boys with a nanny and leaving the webcam on to keep an eye on her family which James is unaware off when he returns home and walks around the home with nothing on.

WTF!! I'm sorry but I am kind of at a loss for words over "Goddess" which seems this really curious blend of family entertainment with grown up moments thrown in and a feel which at times reminds me of the work of Baz Luhrmann with extreme characters and extreme musical moments. And as I sit here I don't know whether or not I actually liked the movie and in truth I think "Goddess" is one of those movies where there are parts I love and parts which whilst hate is a strong word I did actually hate.

Ronan Keating in Goddess (2013)

Now "Goddess" is simply ridiculously quirky with every character being larger the life and ever moment of humour intentionally over played. As such when the Elspeth's boys throw a tantrum in the supermarket they really throw a tantrum to the point of being too much. And then you have the various songs which Elspeth sings and this is where the movie confuses me as with everything being so full on and with this being about a mum and her boys we have some fun, cute songs then songs about being a bitch which is why it is confusing. In fact it starts of feeling like a family movie but then evolves in to a more grown up movie but done with those comical family characters.

Now despite this being far too over the top for my liking it is hard not to love Laura Michelle Kelly who not only looks great has so much enthusiasm and sings like she should be in an Abba musical. It is pretty much down to Kelly's endless energy and singing which kept me watching although I am sure there will be those who enjoy it because of Ronan Keating's performance.

What this all boils down to is that as a whole "Goddess" didn't work for me and it was too over the top for my liking. But parts were enjoyable and Laura Michelle Kelly made it worth the effort.