Hats Off to Christmas! (2013) starring Haylie Duff, Antonio Cupo, Sean Michael Kyer, Kendra Anderson, Jay Brazeau directed by Terry Ingram Movie Review

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Haylie Duff in Hats Off to Christmas! (2013)

A Cupo Duff for Christmas

So here we go with "Hats Off to Christmas!" another made for TV Christmas movie and another of the cute romantic variety. That is basically code for another predictable Christmas movie with good looking characters, plenty of Christmas decorations and an obvious romance storyline with predictable ups and downs. Now there is nothing wrong with that because the whole purpose of "Hats Off to Christmas!" is to be fun and cute which it is but it isn't any better or worse than any of the hundreds of other made for TV Christmas movies.

Mia (Haylie Duff - A Nanny's Secret) has worked for Michael (Jay Brazeau) at Hats Off to Christmas for 10 years and the last few years she has been running the shop. But with business having been bad for the past couple of years due to the recession Michael has called in his Wall Street son Nick (Antonio Cupo - Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade) to come in and run things much to Mia's disappointment as she was hoping for a promotion. To make matters worse Nick doesn't want to be there and Mia doesn't want to train him but things get complicated when Nick meets Mia's son Scotty (Sean Michael Kyer) who ever since the car accident which killed her husband has been wheelchair bound especially as she and Nick start to get on. But with Nick still yearning for the city life Mia is very cautious of getting in to anything.

Antonio Cupo in Hats Off to Christmas! (2013)

So as I said "Hats Off to Christmas!" is another predictable made for TV Christmas romance which throws up very few surprises as it sets about ticking a lot of boxes. We have the single mum with the cute kid which this time has the added twist of the kid being stuck in a wheelchair. Then we have the antagonistic relationship between the big city guy and the hometown girl which has a turbulent path which of course also means that Mia as a single mum is protective of her and her son being hurt by a guy who might not stick around. Add to that a bit of romantic conflict with one of Nick's former girlfriends and it serves up nothing out of the ordinary or which will make you think that "Hats Off to Christmas!" can end up anything but predictable.

But it works because it is cute with both Haylie Duff and Antonio Cupo ticking the boxes again as good looking leads that are easy to like. Add to that plenty of cute comedy with Nick having to begrudingly wear various Christmas hats and that leads to plenty of Christmas background decorations. And just for a little bit more cute Christmas magic we have the fact that Scotty has been wheelchair bound for the last 18 months but for some reason can't walk.

What this all boils down to is that "Hats Off to Christmas!" is a cute made for TV Christmas movie and nothing more. If you enjoy cute Christmas movies this one will entertain but if cute and sweet winds you up stay well clear.

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