Hazard Jack (2014) starring Amanda Maddox, Alison Lani, Kevin James Sporman, Macauley Gray directed by David Worth Movie Review

Hazard Jack (2014)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Hazard Jack (2014)

He's Gonna Jack Your Body

After serving in the army overseas a war veteran returns home not only disfigured but suffering from PTSD. Unable to handle society and holding down a job he moves in to an abandoned hospital which he turns in to his own house of horror and pain, torturing those he captures trespassing. That is bad news for a group of college friends who decide to descend on the abandoned hospital for some drinking and paint balling.

A lack of originality is never enough to put me off a movie as when tackled with enthusiasm and energy, as well as a fair bit of cash, even the most unoriginal of movies can end up interesting. But when you have a low budget production using inferior equipment, less than believable characters, one character cliche after another combined with the lack of originality what you have is simply a waste of time and effort. It sounds harsh but it is the truth and "Hazard Jack" falls into that category.

The thing is that "Hazard Jack" simply feels like a group of young actors hoping to make it in the world of acting coming together to try and launch there careers with a horror movie. As such the predictable storyline which sees young people getting killed in an abandoned hospital is little more than a vehicle for these actors showcase their talents. Unfortunately for these young actors the final product is extremely lame and none of the actors, even those who typically go topless to reveal boobs or muscular physiques make any sort of impression.

In truth the only time that "Hazard Jack" gets anywhere close to being any good is when it focuses on the depraved antics of Jack as he uses a variety of tool to mutilate the bodies of his victims. In fact the scenes featuring Jack almost feel like they were made by someone else as they have a superior look to them than those scenes involving are party loving teens.

What this all boils down to is that "Hazard Jack" is a huge miss and feels too much like an amateur production made by some friends who hope that one day it will help them to get a real acting job.