Heroes Without Glory (1971) starring Jeff Cameron, Isarco Ravaioli, Lemmy Carson, Rossella Como, Ahmed Ramzy, Gualtiero Rispoli, Robertino directed by Alfredo Rizzo Movie Review

Heroes Without Glory (1971)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Isarco Ravaioli and Jeff Cameron in Heroes Without Glory (1971)

Carry on Italian War Movie

Major Briggs (Isarco Ravaioli) of the British army is assigned to lead a mission into enemy territory which will be racked with danger. But first he needs to whip in to shape a bunch of undisciplined American soldiers he first met in a bar messing about. But their mission ends up going off on a tangent when they meet some treasure hunters and help them look for a Pharaoh's lost treasure.

The opening scene of "Heroes Without Glory" plays like a Carry on Movie as we enter a bar somewhere in the middle east where American soldiers are drinking, there is a belly dancer and an over the top bar owner. But that is not it as we also have these men throwing wet pieces of bread at each other which of course ends up hitting Major Briggs and eventually a brawl starts. It all feels incredibly weak and uncomfortably cheesy thanks to the over the top performances.

But it doesn't stop there as there are more seemingly Carry on moments to follow including what I can only presume is one of the soldiers dreaming about life if he was rich, where he would pour sauce and cheese on his pasta from silver gravy boats. And I could go on and on because almost every scene ends up feeling tacky be it the weak script or some poor editing or the fact it looks like it has been made on the cheap using sets and costumes left over from other productions not to mention the story ideas it has pinched from Hollywood movies.

And then there is the acting and I will keep this short as Isarco Ravaioli as Major Briggs goes from just being wrong to being entertainingly wrong and then simply painfully wrong. Yet the irony is that Isarco ends up delivering the best performance in the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Heroes Without Glory" is not good and is at times one of those movies which is entertaining for being bad. Unfortunately it is not consistently entertaining and frequently ends up just bad.