Impact (1963) starring Conrad Phillips, George Pastell, Ballard Berkeley, Linda Marlowe directed by Peter Maxwell Movie Review

Impact (1963)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Conrad Phillips in Impact (1963)

Leaves You Cold

Nightclub owner and crook Sebastian 'The Duke' Dukelow (George Pastell) is very aware of journalist Jack Moir (Conrad Phillips) who's writing all but labels him a criminal. Wanting to shut him up, The Duke has Moir kidnapped and then whilst he is tied up The Duke and his gang pulls of a robbery, accosting a guard in the process before then stitching Moir up so that things point to him being involved in the crime. Unable to prove his innocence Jack gets sent down for two years and then spending his entire time inside plotting his revenge for when he gets out which involves getting to The Duke's girl Melanie (Anita West) and some refrigerator equipment.

"Impact" is the sort of old British movie which you stumble across one day on one of those channels which appear well down the list which some people don't even know exist. It is also one of those movies which you start watching and an hour later it is over and you can't remember a great deal of what has happened. The reason why is that it is devoid of excitement and seems to have been made hastily on limited funds forcing the writer to use lost of dialogue to explain things rather than showing it.

Don't get me wrong as there isn't anything terribly wrong with "Impact"; the story is okay, the acting is passable and the camera work is typical of its time, when you consider that this isn't a big movie. But at the same time there is not a single thing which makes you feel any need to watch it again when you have sat through it once.

What this all boils down to is that "Impact" is now one of those old British movies which really only works for those who have an interest in old British movies rather than those seeking to be entertained.