In the Dark (2013) starring Elisabeth Röhm, Sam Page, Shannon Elizabeth, Elizabeth Peña directed by Richard Gabai Movie Review

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Elisabeth Röhm in In the Dark (2013)

Cracks in the Dark

Ali (Elisabeth Röhm) was happily married with a young daughter until the night they were rear ended by a truck and both her husband and daughter were killed in the accident. To make matters worse she also lost her sight in the crash and with no one to help, Dr. Weinette (Elizabeth Peña) arranges for Jeff (Sam Page), who had helped his blind mother, to become a helper to Ali. Over time Ali becomes accustomed to her blindness and having Jeff around unaware that he is becoming obsessed with her to the point of replacing her dead husband's photo with his own. When Ali befriends new neighbour Linda (Shannon Elizabeth) it causes Jeff to fear she will tell Ali what is going on forcing him to take matters in to his own hands and putting Ali in danger.

"In the Dark" is surface level entertainment as in one of those movies which you can't start to think about too much or else you end up ripping it too bits. That is an issue for me because when you watch as many movies as I do you look for something extra and so when you get nothing back it becomes a forgettable movie.

Sam Page in In the Dark (2013)

As such I can't but help point out various issues with "In the Dark" from how comes Ali's only trauma following being rear ended is the loss of sight, no scar, no broken bones or anything which seems to be a bit amazing. Then there is Jeff's immediate dislike of Linda which at that point appears to come too early, before he has reason to even give her a dirty look. I could go on but the biggest issue for me involves Linda and I had better say spoiler alert as when Ali hasn't heard from her for a few days and pays her a visit not only doesn't she smell her decaying body but somehow the pool of blood is still fresh rather than dry. It is these sorts of issues which make "In the Dark" weak for those who look at the movies detail.

Of course if you are not bothered by depth and just want surface entertainment then it is kind of entertaining. It is also incredibly easy on the eyes with Elisabeth Röhm and Shannon Elizabeth both looking beautiful especially Röhm with her piercing eyes. In fairness for the sort of movie it is Elisabeth Röhm plays her part well as does Sam Page who becomes creepier and creepier as Jeff but these are shallow characters.

What this all boils down to is that "In the Dark" has issues, lots of issues but for those who enjoy the piercing eyes of Elisabeth Röhm and simple to follow, face value thrillers this should entertain.