Incubus (2006) starring Tara Reid, Akemnji Ndifernyan, Alice O'Connell, Russell Carter, Christian Brassington directed by Anya Camilleri Movie Review

Incubus (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Tara Reid in Incubus (2006)

Let the Smart One Go

A group of friends find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere when their jeep is involved in an accident with a tree. With little hope of being found they start walking in the hope of either finding help or finding somewhere where they can get a phone signal. What they come across is a creepy old building in the middle of the woods and with it being dark they climb through a skylight only to lose their way out when the rope drops. Inside they discover one insane scientist and dead bodies which with a bit more investigation discover they are trapped inside a large laboratory with a comatose serial killer with psychic power who has been experimented on.

I can just picture the scene, a group of friends watch a horror movie and afterwards all agree they could have done so much better so set about making their own superior horror but only succeed in making a cliche weaker one. That I doubt is how "Incubus" came about but it has that feel of just another cliche horror movie about young people in an isolated location battling a dangerous entity, in this case not only a serial killer but one with some sort of psychic, mind control powers. Normally I might say well it is a flawed movie but with potential to impress but the only potential that "Incubus" had was to disappoint.

Now "Incubus" doesn't need a great deal of explanation as it is a tick box horror starting with the location, a mental hospital style building in the middle of the woods where we walk around it via the basement tunnels with pipes running everywhere. The second tick comes from the danger which here is not only the threat of a serial killer but one which can get in to your mind and make you do its bidding so yes these friends need to fear each other as well, whoopee doo. And then we have a tick for the cast as they are an easy on the eye bunch of actors playing thin characters where about all we get to know is that one is the sister of another. Yes it ticks those boxes but it does diddly squat to make any of it more original.

What it does is make you laugh at how ridiculous it all is and that is a shame as if it didn't take itself so seriously it might have been entertaining. And sadly most of the ridiculousness comes from the character of Jay played by Tara Reid as she knows everything; gets out of jeep after the crash and knows there is no signal with out checking, knows how to abseil, how to do this and that and the proverbial other. But we also have the ridiculous moments when she says with all seriousness to her friends not to go down there having found dead bodies down a passage and yes they all go down there. The rest of the cast are no better but then they all play second fiddle to Tara Reid.

What this all boils down to is that not only is "Incubus" a below par horror movie but one which borders on the terrible for having ridiculous characters, ridiculous dialogue and ridiculous just about everything. The only thing memorable about Incubus is Tara Reid's white bra which is constantly visible through her blue top.