´╗┐ Interlude (1957) June Allyson, Rossano Brazzi, Marianne Koch, Franšoise Rosay Movie Review

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June Allyson and Rossano Brazzi in Interlude (1957)

Passion & Patience

Having arrived in Munich from Philadelphia, Helen Banning (June Allyson) takes up a position in an American house and finds an old friend from back home, Dr. Morley Dwyer (Keith Andes) working at a local hospital who clearly has eyes for the lovely Helen. But Helen finds herself falling for Tonio Fischer (Rossano Brazzi) the charming orchestra conductor who as an artist is filled with passion. But as their relationship grows Helen discovers she isn't the only woman in Tonio's life as he's married. Except things are not as straight forwards as that.

As a rule I like the movies of Douglas Sirk, they have a look and a tone which makes me wish I was alive in the 195os. I'm also a fan of June Allyson who has one of those voices which simply seduce you. But for some reason I am not a fan of "Interlude" an adaptation of the James M. Cain story which in the 30s had been used as the basis of "When Tomorrow Comes". I don't know what it is but for some reason the romance and drama of both the story and the locations fails to grab me like Sirk achieved in other movies.

Keith Andes in Interlude (1957)

Now truth be told "Interlude" is a simple movie as we have the sweet Helen who on one hand has the reliable Dr. Dwyer wanting to court her whilst on the other she has the handsome and experienced Tonio except as she discovers he is married and not only does that complicate things but his marriage is complicated. But the various romantic scenes in "Interlude" such as when Helen and Tonio go for a picnic and run through the rain in to his country summer home just don't captivate even when they kiss when the power goes out. It is very much in the style of Sirk but just doesn't feel as refined.

I think part of the trouble is that when it comes to the leads they feel like they are doing their own and usual thing. As such we have June Allyson giving it sweet but confidant as Helen whilst you have Rossano Brazzi full of that tall, dark and handsome charm which mixes passion and anger. But I don't get the spark when they come together and at times it almost feels like they are on auto-pilot whilst Keith Andes as Dr. Dwyer being forgettably bland, something I am sure was intended.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Interlude" ticks many of the boxes when it comes to a Douglas Sirk romantic drama it isn't one of his classics and almost feels like those involved didn't really have their hearts in it.