It Came from Outer Space (1953) Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush, Charles Drake, Joe Sawyer Movie Review

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Barbara Rush and Richard Carlson in It Came from Outer Space (1953)

A Different Time and Space

Stargazer John Putnam (Richard Carlson) and girlfriend Ellen (Barbara Rush) are watching the night sky from his home in the Arizona desert when a bright light flashes across it and comes crashing down. When they go to look for it John climbs down in to the crater to find a spaceship but when he gets out the soil around it collapses, burying it with no one believing his claims especially Sheriff Matt (Charles Drake) who has a thing for Ellen. But when some of the locals start behaving strange, as if their bodies had been inhabited by aliens it will be up to John to save the day.

If you were to look for reviews of "It Came from Outer Space" you will come across those which tell you it was great back in 1953 and still great today. Maybe that is true for those who watched it back in the 1950s but when watched for the first time now it is a very different experience and to be honest not that great of one.

Now of course I could mention the special effects but to be honest what special effects there is are actually not that bad and the acting isn't that bad either. Even the storyline which sees aliens inhabiting human bodies due to a.... well I will leave the reason why for you to find out, is actually not that bad either. But what is bad is the fact not a great deal happens. John drives around, he meets opposition from others, has a couple of encounters, tries to keep things peaceful and in between that talk sweet to his girl. It is why for those who encounter "It Came from Outer Space" now for the first time it comes up short of the mark.

What this all boils down to is that "It Came from Outer Space" might have entertained audiences back in 1953, maybe it even scared audiences with the idea of aliens coming to Earth and inhabiting human bodies. But watched for the first time now it doesn't fair so well and offers little other than a look back to how movies were.