Mason of the Mounted (1932) Bill Cody, Andy Shuford, Nancy Drexel, LeRoy Mason Movie Review

Mason of the Mounted (1932)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Bill Cody in Mason of the Mounted (1932)

Slow, Slow, No Quick, Just Slow

Canadian Mountie Bill Mason (Bill Cody) has been sent south of the border to try and track down some murderous horse thieves. The only clue which Mason has is a watch chain. On Bill's travels he meets young Andy (Andy Shuford) and quickly befriends him coming to his rescue when a man by the name of Calhoun (LeRoy Mason) attacks him. It is during that fight that Bill discovers Mason has a watch which is missing its chain leading to him suspecting Calhoun of being behind things.

"Mason of the Mounted" is not my first old western and I thought I was prepared for whatever one of these old westerns could throw at me. But it seems I wasn't as whilst 58 minutes isn't long I would say 50 minutes of "Mason of the Mounted" is filler. Or at least that is how it feels as what story there is ends up painfully drawn out and that makes it equally as painfully slow. It doesn't help that the actual storyline surrounding Bill Mason trying to round up some horse thieves headed up by Calhoun is extremely dull.

What this all boils down to is that maybe back in 1932 young children might have found "Mason of the Mounted" entertaining but now it is one of the dullest old westerns I have encountered and is so slow going it could put you to sleep.