Meet My Valentine (2015) Scott Wolf, Courtney Ford, Brady Smith, Jay Black, Audrey Casson, Kristen Miller, Tim Bagley, David Leisure Movie Review

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Scott Wolf and Courtney Ford in Meet My Valentine (2015)

You Don't Know What You Got Till it's Going

Tom (Scott Wolf - Picking Up & Dropping Off) and Valentine Bishop (Courtney Ford - Kept Woman) have been married for a few years and have a daughter together. But as can happen the romance has fallen out of their marriage as Tom is busy trying to salvage his career as an artist whilst Valentine has a blossoming career as a chef, which puts a lot of demands on her time. But for Tom things change when he starts getting headaches and after getting it checked out learns he has a brain tumour with at most 9 months left. Wanting to make sure Valentine and his daughter are okay once he has gone he decides to find her a replacement for him by using a dating website. The trouble is when it comes to filling in other interests he realises he knows so little about Valentine and so sets about trying to learn about what interests his wife, in doing so Tom finds himself falling in love with Valentine all over again.

Watching "Meet My Valentine" made me think of plenty of other movies where someone is given the bad news that they have a terminal illness and so take it upon themselves to make sure their loved ones are okay once they have passed away. And sadly when I think of those other movies which range from a Doris Day comedy to a few more recent made for TV dramas "Meet My Valentine" falls way down the pecking list with it failing to really find its vibe as it tries to spread itself between being funny but also dramatic. In truth there are times in "Meet My Valentine" that the tone feels so wrong that it starts to lose the audience.

Scott Wolf in Meet My Valentine (2015)

The annoying things is that it is a shame because what "Meet My Valentine" has is a lot of potential to explore the subject of dying, those feelings which Tom has when he thinks about his daughter's future with out him as well as how he feels about any man who will replace him, doing the things he thought he would do such as teaching his daughter to drive. It also has the chance to explore the wake up call of realising that life and careers get in the way of love and relationships to the point that it can change people. But because the tone of "Meet My Valentine" is not right the attempt to do soul searching doesn't quite work, it doesn't draw you in to Tom's journey of discovering what is important in life and falling in love all over again with the woman he married.

What this all boils down to is that "Meet My Valentine" is a movie with a good idea and in truth a good cast but it suffers from tone and some pacing issues which sadly make it far too often hard work.