No Minor Vices (1948) Dana Andrews, Lilli Palmer, Louis Jourdan, Jane Wyatt, Norman Lloyd Movie Review

No Minor Vices (1948)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Lilli Palmer and Louis Jourdan in No Minor Vices (1948)

All's Not Well in Ashwell

Child doctor Perry Ashwell (Dana Andrews) has just finished a visit to a patient when he comes across artist Octavio Quaglini (Louis Jourdan) banging away at a piano. After Perry does a quick analysis of Octavio as being a self critical artist he invites him back to his clinic. It is there that Octavio not only causes a bit of chaos but meets Perry's attractive wife April (Lilli Palmer) and as someone who defies convention can't stop himself from turning on the charm and insisting on her becoming is model.

"No Minor Vices" is one of those movies which doesn't entertain for what it is about but entertains because of who is in it and what they bring to the movie. As such this story of European artist Octavio entering the lives of the Ashwell and causing chaos is kind of hit and miss. Oh there are some entertaining scenes such as when Octavio gets a young child in trouble leading to a tanned backside or when he comes across April cooking lobsters and says that the one which isn't cooked must be chosen democratically. But for the most it doesn't flow and often comes across like a series of set pieces.

Lilli Palmer and Dana Andrews in No Minor Vices (1948)

But as I said it is that actors who make "No Minor Vices" with a nice diversity between them and their characters. As such Louis Jourdan makes the movie as artist Octavio who with out a care in the world lives with gay abandon and enjoys playfully charming April Ashwell. The contrast between him and Dana Andrew's performance as the know it all doctor who likes things his way works well with plenty of conflict and frustration. This is definitely the case with Lilli Palmer in the middle as the model wife who finds herself enjoying having to deal with the playfulness of Octavio wanting her to be his model.

What this all boils down to is that "No Minor Vices" isn't a great movie, it is barely a good one but it does feature some entertaining performances especially from Louis Jourdan whose playful charm is what makes the movie.