One Small Indiscretion (2017) Ashley Scott, Tiera Skovbye, Cru Ennis, Johnny Visotcky, Sienna-Noelle, Alma Sisneros, Willie Aames Movie Review

One Small Indiscretion (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ashley Scott in One Small Indiscretion (2017)

A Fatal Indiscretion

It was 9 years ago when Caroline (Ashley Scott - A Woman Deceived), having separated from her husband, had a brief fling with a married man before then getting back together with her husband. But for Elle (Tiera Skovbye - Secrets of My Stepdaughter) what Caroline did will for ever be etched in her memory as she believes it was her father who Caroline was having an affair with and it lead to not only her mother killing him but herself as well. Convinced Caroline was to blame for her parent's deaths, Elle is determined to destroy her, her husband Sam (Cru Ennis) and their son Logan (Johnny Visotcky) having manipulated the situation so she can move in to their guest house.

What's the catch? That was the thought which was running through my mind the entire time I watched "One Small Indiscretion" because if there was no catch there would be no point. I say that because "One Small Indiscretion" starts with a young girl over hearing her mother accuse her father of having an affair before hearing two gun shots and she finds the both of them on the floor. As such when we meet Elle in what seems an act of stalking in a DIY store you quickly can take a stab that this is the young girl having grown up and is coming after Caroline for wrecking her life by causing the trouble in her parent's marriage which led to their deaths.

Tiera Skovbye in One Small Indiscretion (2017)

Now I am not going to tell you whether or not there is a catch to "One Small Indiscretion" or what it might be but what that means is that for a lot of the movie we watch the usual stuff of Ellie manipulating her way in to Caroline's life, family and home. We see her flirting with both Sam and Logan, hiding cameras around their house and lots of other obsessed, stalkerish stuff which if you enjoy Lifetime movies you will be familiar with, including dealing with a nosy neighbour and getting threatening towards a boy at Logan's school. That sense of familiarity also extends to the acting with Ashley Scott delivering another protective mom performance whilst Tiera Skovbye does a nice job of making Elle deviously dangerous in an entertaining if typical manner.

What this all boils down to is that "One Small Indiscretion" is simply one of those TV thrillers which actually works whether you are familiar with the genre or not. As such for me I found myself watching and waiting for that twist to come along, a reveal to make all that is routine just a case of the director toying with the audience before delivering the shock.