Outlaws' Paradise (1939) Tim McCoy, Joan Barclay, Ben Corbett, Ted Adams, Forrest Taylor Movie Review

Outlaws' Paradise (1939)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Tim McCoy in Outlaws' Paradise (1939)

McCoy's Masquerade

Captain William Carson (Tim McCoy) and Magpie (Ben Corbett) have a bank robbery to investigate and Magpie is convinced that Trigger Mallory's (Tim McCoy) is behind it. With Trigger soon to be released from prison William has a plan, as he is a dead ringer for Mallory he is going to masquerade as him to ingratiate himself with his gang so that not only can he bring in the bad guys but find out where the stolen money is. Whilst Carson does a good job of duping Trigger's gang and his girl as to who he is things turn bad when the real Trigger escapes from prison.

I tend to have low expectations when I watch these old 1930s westerns as they haven't aged well with all sorts of issues cropping up from over acting to overly large hats and fake smiles. But whilst many of these movies end up feeling a much of a muchness thanks to familiar plot lines and actors turning up in similar roles across various movies I hadn't watched one I was convinced I had watched before until I watched "Outlaws' Paradise".

Now the issue comes down to it being familiar, in fact so familiar that I have watched another western from this era which sees a lawman who looks like a bad guy masquerade as the baddie whilst the real baddie is kept in prison. Whilst I can't remember the name of that movie I remember the bad guy escaping leaving are hero on his own basically in a pit of bad guys. But as such I spent pretty much the entire movie trying to remember which old western it was that this almost shares a storyline with which in truth isn't a bad thing as there isn't a great deal of entertainment or excitement in this routine oater.

What this all boils down to is that "Outlaws' Paradise" is once again an old western which now only holds any worth to those who have a fascination for old westerns and are on a mission to watch as many as they can.