Primal Force (1999) starring Ron Perlman, Mark Kiely, Roxana Zal, Kimberlee Peterson, Guillermo Ros directed by Nelson McCormick Movie Review

Primal Force (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ron Perlman in Primal Force (1999)

Beast and the Baboons

When a small private plane goes down on a restricted island where mutant, killer baboons reside a small group of specialists are quickly assembled to go in and rescue the survivors including the spoilt daughter of a millionaire. The final member of the team is a reluctant Brodie (Ron Perlman) who use to run tours on the island before it became off limits and left him an alcoholic wreck struggling to deal with the nightmares of what happened on there. As they reach the island it seems the rest of the rescue team under estimated what they were going up against whilst some of the team seem to be there for ulterior reasons.

Yes "Primal Force" is a variation on "Jurassic Park III" with some people stranded on an off limits island inhabited by dangerous creatures and a rescue mission involving someone who is haunted by what they encountered on the island. Now I know there are those who will read the synopsis and start berating it for being a cheap rip off and they're entitled to their opinion. But anyone who has returned home from the pub worse for wear on a Friday night with the box of greasy chicken & chips they picked up on the way home will know exactly how entertaining rubbish like this can be after you have fallen on to the sofa.

And that in truth is the appeal of "Primal Force" it is rubbish which you watch in the full knowledge that it isn't going to be very good and little more than a copycat movie with just some simple changes. That means what we get is on one hand Ron Perlman being the grizzled hero with demons and a drink problem to battle whilst those nameless characters around him are picked off one by one. That is it, there is no more than that and it is a procession to an inevitable climax and a wonder as to whether or not they made a prequel or something.

What this all boils down to is that if you return home on a Friday night drunk and see "Primal Force" on TV put it on as it is entertaining rubbish for when you are not with it. But for anyone who sees "Primal Force" and hope for a movie with original ideas, good writing and decent acting need to think again as it is one of those movies which are entertainingly bad.