Reverse Angle (2009) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Anthony Lemke, Alain Goulem, David Patrick Green, Michel Perron, Marc Marans Movie Review

Reverse Angle (2009)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Anthony Lemke and Emmanuelle Vaugier in Reverse Angle (2009)

Reverse Decision

TV reporter Eve Preston (Emmanuelle Vaugier - Washed Away) is sent to do an interview with eccentric inventor Ned Larfield (Michel Perron) who has come up with a revolutionary new way to power cars. But Eve is not the only one interested in Ned's invention as a CEO of an oil company fears it will put him out of business and has hired two men to kill Ned, destroying all evidence of his invention at the same time. The heavies also run Eve off the road in fear that she may have learned all about Ned's invention. Except Eve doesn't die, instead she comes around with no memory and just a business card in her pocket. That card leads her to inspirational speaker Harry Griggs (Anthony Lemke - False Pretenses) who dislikes Eve because of a feature she once wrote on him. But realising that not only has she no memory but two men are trying to kill her, tries to help her put the pieces together to try and work out what is going on.

No sugar coating it "Reverse Angle" is one of the dullest movies I have watched and whilst some might say what do you expect from a TV movie even by TV movie standards it is dull. The trouble is that whilst there are plenty of cheesy scenes and weak characters it is the actual storyline of a TV reporter losing her memory and having to deal with two men trying to kill her that is what makes it dull. There is no excitement to "Reverse Angle", no thrills and nothing which makes it entertaining, exciting or interesting. Even a cliche romantic subplot as Eve and Harry end up becoming involved adds nothing to make "Reverse Angle" entertaining.

Michel Perron in Reverse Angle (2009)

In a way I wish I could find something good about the movie but unfortunately whilst nothing is really terrible "Reverse Angle" doesn't have anything special. The whole evil Oil company aspect is cliche as are the two henchmen who don't even check to make sure Eve is dead and when it comes to the various TV reports she does, well they are so cheesy that you cringe rather than laugh which I am sure was what was intended.

What this all boils down to is that "Reverse Angle" is not terrible but it is 90 minutes of your life which you will probably regret wasting if you watch it. It is just dull with nothing about it which makes it entertaining and in fact I reckon if they had embraced the corniness of it then it would have been more entertaining.