Sightseers (2012) starring Alice Lowe, Eileen Davies, Steve Oram, Roger Michael, Tony Way, Seamus O'Neill, Monica Dolan directed by Ben Wheatley Movie Review

Sightseers (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Alice Lowe in Sightseers (2012)

The Serial Caravaners

After years of being the loyal daughter Tina (Alice Lowe) has finally found happiness with the seemingly easy going Chris (Steve Oram) and despite her mum's attempts to guilt trip her are off together on a caravan holiday together. But during a stop at a tram museum Chris's dark side emerges when a litter lout annoys him and he ends up backing the caravan over him, killing him in the process. The killing continues when Chris kills another caravaner who annoys him and they end up on the run and on a killing spree as their murders don't stop there.

Well I guess that today my mood is not for the original and more for the mainstream as whilst watching "Sightseers" I quickly became bored. But the annoying thing is that for a while "Sightseers" entertained me from the set up of Tina's manipulative mother to Tina and Chris having sex in the caravan during the daytime and near a trucker's stop where upon all the lorry drivers peer through the windows of the rocking caravan. In fairness every now and then a moment of humour would crop up which would make you smile such as some woolly, sort of sexy underwear and a surprisingly stomach churning scene involving knitting needles and a small dog.

But the trouble for me is not so much the tone of the movie but the fact that it ends up becoming repetitive as one odd ball moment of killing leads to another and another until we get the twist on the classic ending. I say classic ending because in many ways "Sightseers" is the classic tale of two lovers on the run from the law and ending up on a killing spree with no option or is there? But whether it is the dry intentionally British tone or the fact that Tina and Chris are not that likeable but some thing makes it feel slow and laborious which only highlights its repetitive nature.

What this all boils down to is that "Sightseers" didn't quite do it for me as it had plenty of dark humour and some really unforgettable scenes the final product just ended up feeling repetitive.