Snow 2: Brain Freeze (2008) starring Tom Cavanagh, Ashley Williams, Patrick Fabian Movie Review

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Tom Cavanagh in Snow 2: Brain Freeze (2008)

Oh Sandy, Santa's but a Fool

It's their 2nd Christmas together and Sandy (Ashley Williams) is hoping that Nick (Tom Cavanagh) will take it a bit easier this year. But for Nick he still doesn't feel he is living up to his dad's standards and so he is working more than every leaving Sandy feeling a little ignored. But when Nick on one of his trips through the mirror back to the real world bumps his head and suffers amnesia Sandy is going to have to find a way of reminding Nick as to who he is whilst also getting him to believe he is Santa or else Christmas is going to be ruined especially if Buck Seger (Patrick Fabian) gets his way who shows up when he discovers Nick's predicament.

Do made for TV Christmas movies need sequels? Despite my love of made for TV Christmas movies I don't like it when they bring out a sequel as rarely does the original movie warrant a second movie and more often than not that second movie is just a rehash of the first movie. That is the trouble with "Snow 2: Brain Freeze" as whilst there are some changes it doesn't really further the story of Nick and Sandy but re-runs the first movie with the dastardly Buck Seger returning to cause problems for Nick and Sandy. I suppose for the intended young teen audience it will be fun but for grown ups who can spot the familiarity it comes up short and a little disappointing.

Ashley Williams in Snow 2: Brain Freeze (2008)

But what "Snow 2: Brain Freeze" has going in its favour are the three returning actors and their characters. Tom Cavanagh is still incredibly quick with the comedy and his quick delivery of dialogue delivers some of the movie's funnier scenes. Then there is Ashley Williams who not only has her own style for delivering the comedy but again has that heart melting smile and adorable quality going on that even if she did put in a bad performance you would forgive her. And to top it of Patrick Fabian is once again dastardly as Buck and it is that aspect of being the scheming bad guy which makes him fun.

What this all boils down to is that "Snow 2: Brain Freeze" is probably good fun for its intended audience with lots of simple comedy to keep young audiences entertained. But for adults who watched and enjoyed the first movie that sense of this being a rehash will spoil this sequel even though it is still entertaining enough as a made for TV Christmas movie.

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