Stake Land (2010) starring Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis, Danielle Harris, Sean Nelson, Michael Cerveris directed by Jim Mickle Movie Review

Stake Land (2010)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Nick Damici in Stake Land (2010)


Vamps are evidently across between vampires and zombies, they can't come out in the day and have blood sucking tendencies or at least that is the case in "Stake Land". How they came about? Well that is unimportant but in a post apocalyptic word they have making it a battle for survival for humans, some in little communities others like the main protagonists Martin and Mister travelling across country killing those they come across. If this sounds familiar then in many ways "Stake Land" is as in a way "Stake Land" reminds me of "Zombieland" but without the comedy, stars or budget but still doing an effective job of delivering some vampire/ zombie action.

To be honest "Stake Land" isn't going to be for everyone as whilst it has action and horror it is never just about the violence and gore. Nope part of what "Stake Land" is about is the world in apocalyptic future where survivors have created little safe havens which they guard from attack and barter vamp teeth for supplies. There is also a look at how in a world where people are separated some cult like civilizations form with extreme views, not religious views purely crazy views. Plus there is a look at the humanity of it all and the killing of people who were once friends but for what ever reason have become infected.

Connor Paolo in Stake Land (2010)

If that all sounds a bit too heavy it isn't but it is the main focus of the movie and it does a reasonable job of covering these various elements. But it also has enough of the traditional entertainment for those who just want horror action. We see scenes of Mister and Martin dispatching vamps with Martin being taught how to be a hunter by the battle worn Mister as such there is enough gore for those who just want gore with some nice special effects considering we are talking about a low budget production. We also have nods to other movies such a scene which draws on "Two Mules for Sister Sara" when Mister rescues a Sister being attacked by two Vamps.

But in truth that is about it and if you've noticed I haven't given you a proper synopsis and that is because it doesn't really need one because it is just a work through of a familiar set up. But it works the familiar narrative quite well, yes a frequent narration from young Martin becomes annoying but it is solid with a couple of entertaining twists when it comes to the cult they come across.

What this all boils down to is that "Stake Land" is a surprisingly good vampire/zombie combo but one which won't be for everyone as it is as much about a new world after an apocalypse as it is about killing vamps.

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