The Call of Justice (1936) starring Bill Cody, Marie Burton, William McCall, Gordon Griffith, Bill Cody Jr., Wally West, Dick Strong directed by Albert Herman Movie Review

The Call of Justice (1936)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bill Cody and Marie Burton in The Call of Justice (1936)

Cody Calls for Justice

Goody Guy Steve Harper (Bill Cody) does what any good cowboy does when he sees rustlers and gives chase. But after catching up to them and ending up in a fistfight he loses his gun only for it to show up at the scene of a killing. With it being the only evidence Steve finds himself arrested for the murder. But young Jimmy Wilson (Bill Cody Jr.) doesn't believe that Steve could be the killer and so breaks him out giving Steve a chance to head out after the real killer.

"The Call of Justice" was made in 1936 but feels like it was made in 1930 because it has that incredibly fake nature of the early talkies where not a single person says their lines in a natural way, not that the dialogue they have is natural in the first place. It instantly makes it weak and that is before I even get to the incredibly basic storyline which sees a good guy accused of murder going after the bad guys. Slim is not the words to describe it and includes such typical elements as a love interest and a young boy who looks up to Steve and speaks with real gusto.

The one thing which "The Call of Justice" has going for it is the action which whilst not great is better than some you would find from 1930s movies especially when it comes to the horse stunts which start with a woman being dragged behind a horse.

What this all boils down to is that "The Call of Justice" is one of the weaker westerns which came out during the mid 1930s and it feels a lot more staged than other westerns from the time. So again "The Call of Justice" is a western for those aiming to become western buffs rather than those looking for western entertainment.