The Christmas Switch (2014) Natasha Henstridge, Brian Krause, Cedric Smith, Krista Bridges Movie Review

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Brian Krause and Natasha Henstridge in The Christmas Switch (2014)

Trading Santa Places

Eddie Bennett (Brian Krause) is a street hustler with a penchant for car games and knows every scam in the book. But then he finds himself being approached by a mystery man with a very unique proposition. Sam Wells (Cedric Smith), the old man who has played Santa at a department store for years is too ill to do it this year and wishes he could have just a few more days and that is the proposition facing Eddie, allow Sam to inhabit his body for a few days and in return he can have millions when the gig is over. Whilst stuck in Sam's failing body Eddie not only has to deal with some other hustlers ready to shop him, well Sam in Eddie's body to the cops but when he sees how much joy Sam brings to young children in his body starts to see there is more to things that looking out for number one.

Let me strip "The Christmas Switch" down to a few bare points starting with Eddie Bennett the street hustler who has various Christmas orientated scams. Well it doesn't take much of a movie fan to know that by the end of the movie he will have found redemption. But at the same time it also doesn't take a genius to know that once we enter the body switch phase of the movie there would have to be some confusion and issues caused by Eddie's criminal ways. Oh and top of that with Sam having a hot daughter played by Natasha Henstridge well again it doesn't take a genius to know where things will most likely lead.

But those are the basics and there are of course the other bits and these range from a scene which mirrors "Miracle on 34th Street" to a deceptive store owner up to no good. These things provide some distraction but they don't make much of a dent in what if truth be told is a pretty predictable movie. The thing is that whilst "The Christmas Switch" ends up ultimately a predictable Christmas movie it is one with plenty of Christmas charm and plenty of Christmassy scenes which having watched many a so called Christmas movie recently which comes up short in delivering the Christmas look this one is a welcome change.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Switch" isn't by any means a great Christmas movie and to be frank is quite a predictable one. But at the same time it is entertaining and has the Christmas vibe which certainly helps to make it a decent Christmas distraction.

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