The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered (2019) Alison Sweeney, Benjamin Ayres, Dave Collette, Olivia Steele Falconer, Rebecca Staab, Michael Kopsa, Chris William Martin Movie Review

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The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered (2019)

Murder, She Podcasted

Alex McPherson (Alison Sweeney - Christmas at Holly Lodge) spent her childhood summers in Harrington and now twenty years later, having set up her own true-crime podcast, is returning to investigate a 20 year-old cold case involving the disappearance of a childhood friend. Whilst some old friends are cagey talking to Alex about what happened all those years ago she finds some allies who are willing to help. She also finds an unexpected ally in Drew (Benjamin Ayres - Falling for Vermont), the editor for the Harrington Chronicle, who initially has no interest in helping Alex but finds himself doing just that when the owner of the paper insists. But the closer Alex gets to the truth the more danger she finds herself in.

I wonder what Alison Sweeney thought when she was approached to star in "The Chronicle Mysteries", I bet she had a sense of déjà vu when they said she would play a character who was a bit of an amateur detective having already played one before in the "Murder, She Baked" movies. And that sense of familiarity is what you get when you watch "The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered" because whilst we have a different character in Alex McPherson and a bit of a different set up with her having a crime focused podcast the rest of the movie is pretty standard.

As such we have the lovely Alison Sweeney making Alex extremely likeable, we also have that initial romantic chemistry with Drew who is well played by Benjamin Ayres. Alongside them we have a whole plethora of other characters with Dave Collette providing just the right amount of humour as the eager Chuck. And I could go on because as with all these types of Hallmark mystery movies we have secrets, lies, upset characters, some which end up victims and as I said danger. Basically "The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered" is just another incarnation of the usual Hallmark mystery, amateur detective formula.

What this all boils down to is that if you have enjoyed other Hallmark amateur detective movies then you should enjoy "The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered" as it runs to a familiar formula and has a few familiar faces. But for me there was nothing in this to make it stand out from the crowd.

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