The Croods (2013) Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener Movie Review

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The Croods (2013)

Give Me the Flintstones

For Grug (Nicolas Cage) when danger appears or darkness falls he and his family retreat to the safety of their cave where Grug refuses to let his children go out alone, a matter which doesn't go down well with daughter Eep (Emma Stone). But things start to change when one night she creeps out and meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) as she no longer wants to obey her father. To complicate matters some thing apocalyptical is going on and the Croods are going to have to experience the world whether they like it or not.

Well at least they got some famous names to voice the characters, which is as positive I can muster when it comes to "The Croods" an animation which might entertain children who have a short attention span but offered up little for me as a grown uo. In fact what it offered up was thought as to whether the storyline to this wouldn't have been better twisted in to a story for a Flintstone movie as the actual characters in this are a forgettable bunch.

Now "The Croods" kind of wants to be two things; on one hand entertainment for grown ups with a caveman take on modern life as we have a teenager wanting to make her own decisions and have her own life whilst her father feels a bit of a failure not being a provider. But at the same time it wants to amuse younger audiences with lots of visual gags and bits which mirror modern life such as one of Grug's children needing the toilet whilst they travel. The thing is that both elements just did nothing for me and felt kind of typical.

What this all boils down to is that maybe "The Croods" is fun for young children and maybe teenagers and young adults as well but as a forty-something I found myself a little bored by its familiarity and obviousness.