The Hunters (2013) Robbie Amell, Alexa PenaVega, Victor Garber, Kira Clavell, Michelle Forbes Movie Review

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The Hunters (2013)

Not Quite a Hidden Treasure

Carter (Dan Payne) and Jordan Flynn (Michelle Forbes) lead quite an exciting life as they are protectors of fairytale artefacts, travelling around the world, making sure these powerful objects don't end up in the wrong hands. The trouble is that neither of their sons; Paxton (Robbie Amell) and Tripp (Keenan Tracey) are aware of what they do and so when Carter and Jordan go missing the boys have to turn to their parent's assistant, Dylan (Alexa Vega), and old family friend Mason (Victor Garber) for help. With the brothers quickly learning that they need to be careful who they trust they set about finding their parents whilst getting in to the family business.

"The Hunters" whilst an entertaining movie for the TV movie crowd is quite simply nothing new. It may feature this set up which involves mum & dad Flynn being protectors of fantasy artefacts whilst their children are oblivious to it but that just makes it a variation on the "my parents the spies" set up where kids suddenly find out that their parents business trips were a lot more exciting than they ever imagined.

But whilst "The Hunters" in theme is nothing new it is kind of entertaining with a nice look and an easy going tone and basically is a safe movie if you were looking for something for the entire family to watch. So when I say that there is action in this movie with bad guys trying to grab the Flynn boys it is the sort of action where no blood really gets spills but looks snappy on the screen. In fact "The Hunters" strongly reminds me of the movies from my childhood the sort which would get shown on TV during the summer holidays.

What this all boils down to is that "The Hunters" is simply a 2013 take on a type of movie which has been around a long time, the adventure movie involving children whose parents go missing. Yes it has some unique attributes, such as the whole fairytale side whilst also featuring decent casting but in the end it is simply a safe made for TV movie which works as light family entertainment.