To Be Fat Like Me (2007) Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Halstrom, Michael Phenicie, Rachel Cairns, Adrienne Carter Movie Review

To Be Fat Like Me (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kaley Cuoco in To Be Fat Like Me (2007)

Fat Attitudes

Aly Schimdt (Kaley Cuoco) is popular at school and works hard to not on maintain her popularity by staying fit but also to earn a sports scholarship to college. It leads to conflict between her and her mum who Aly constantly snipes at over what she eats and her weight problems with the rest of the family also having weight issues. But when Aly suffers a knee injury which blows her chances of a sporting scholarship she switches her attention to a documentary making competition which has a prize which would cover her college expenses. Having believed that those who are over weight make excuses for their weight issues and claim to be victims Aly plans to don a fat suit and head to summer school at another school to see if it is true but maintaining her positive personality. Much to Aly's surprise that despite being her usual self she finds herself the victim of bullying.

Its easy for those who are above to pass judgement on those below them when they haven't got a clue what it is like being in their shoes. That sums up "To Be Fat Like Me" as we watch the popular Aly learn what it is like to be fat and how her perception and attitude was wrong. It isn't complicated as we watch Aly with the help of her make up artist neighbour become fat and discover that when you are not a hot skinny blonde people do treat you differently no matter how nice you are. She also sees how negativity can lead to emotional issues and more importantly realises what a bitch she has been to her mother as she blames her and her illness for draining her college fund.

Now let's be honest "To Be Fat Like Me" does have the draw of Kaley Cuoco who shall we say plays to type as in pretty, blonde and popular because she is pretty and blonde. But at the same time Cuoco gives Aly that that nice girl appeal who whilst might trading on being hot also has that element of wouldn't intentionally hurt someone despite having that sniping side tot heir personality. But "To Be Fat Like Me" works not just because of Kaley Cuoco as whilst it is pretty obvious stuff it does do a nice job of showing attitudes and how being pretty and hot gets you by in life at times.

What this all boils down to is that "To Be Fat Like Me" is all pretty basic as it does a job of exploring attitudes people have to those who are fat and using the appeal of Kaley Cuoco to deliver it. But whilst it shows the other side of the situation and how it isn't just a case of changing and getting fit it doesn't have any lasting effect or power to make it a wake up call for those who watch it.