Twisted Tenant (2018) (aka: Room for Murder | The Boarder) Jenna Kanell, James Maslow, Adam Huber, Lorynn York, Tanya Clarke, Jannette Sepwa, Julia Denton Movie Review

Twisted Tenant (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jenna Kanell in Twisted Tenant (2018) (aka: Room for Murder | The Boarder)

Rent A Deadly Tenant

When Kristen's (Jenna Kanell) job at the university falls through, at the last minute, she decides to surprise her mum, Moira (Tanya Clarke), by moving back home. But Kristen is the one who is in for a surprise as not only does she discover that her mother has rented out her bedroom to a tenant by the name of Jake (James Maslow), but then she discovers that her mum is sleeping with him. But not only does Kristen struggle with her mum hooking up with the younger Jake but she quickly becomes suspicious of him, leading to her using her old contacts to try and snoop into his past. But what she discovers about Jake is beyond belief.

"Twisted Tenant" is not only a movie with a few other names, I found it called "Room for Murder" and " The Boarder", but it is also an incredibly simple movie as Kristen is suspicious of her mum's new boyfriend, discovers that he is not all as he seems but her mum won't listen to her, blinded by her younger lover's attention and his six pack. And I mentioned his six pack for a reason as during the first 20 minutes of "Twisted Tenant" we have seen Jake with just a towel wrapped around him, Moira in sexy nightwear and also Kristen in gym gear which of course shows off her toned physique. Yes the look of the cast is a major part of the movie and the stars undoubtedly have some visual appeal.

James Maslow in Twisted Tenant (2018) (aka: Room for Murder | The Boarder)

The trouble with "Twisted Tenant" is that within the first half hour everything is set-up, we are aware of Jake's dangerous side, we know that Kristen is suspicious of him and that her ex is conveniently a local cop whilst we can see that Moira is blinded by her hot young play thing. And so up until when the drama finally kicks in, "Twisted Tenant" ends up a procession as Kristen makes it clear she is suspicious of Jake, Jake makes it clear that he knows Kristen dislikes him and her mum won't listen to her despite Jake having some clear issues. I wish I could say there was more to the movie than the obvious but you have to wade through the first hour or so before it gets close to being good.

What this all boils down to is that "Twisted Tenant" ends up a movie which never manages to emerge from being a procession of the normal but with a good looking cast there is a chance that this might still entertain some.