Movie Trailer for Chaplin (1992) starring Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Kline, Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Rhys, John Thaw, Moira Kelly, Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Diane Lane, Marisa Tomei, Penelope Ann Miller, Milla Jovovich, Kevin Dunn directed by Richard Attenborough Movie Review

Chaplin (1992)   5/55/55/55/55/5

Trailer for Chaplin

"Chaplin" is Sir Richard Attenborough's epic dramatisation of the life of Charlie Chaplin covering both the highs and lows of his life. Presented in the form of a narrative by an elderly Chaplin to his biographer, the bio-pic covers everything from his penniless childhood, his days in vaudeville and the Hollywood success which lead to his world wide fame before he was banished from the United States for suspected political allegiances. ... Read Review