Movie Trailer for Niagara (1953) starring Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Max Showalter, Denis O'Dea directed by Henry Hathaway Movie Review

Niagara (1953)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for Niagara

Whilst holidaying at Niagara Falls, Rose Loomis (Marilyn Monroe - Monkey Business) conspires with her lover to kill her husband George (Joseph Cotten - Duel in the Sun) who being older and suffering from psychological issues since going to war, she has grown tired off. But when George turns the tables and ends up killing her lover whilst also disappearing she realises that he isn't going to let up till he gets his revenge on her. Also drawn into this mess are the recently wed Polly (Jean Peters - A Man Called Peter) and Ray Cutler (Max Showalter) who are on a late honeymoon at the Falls. And when Polly learns that George hasn't died despite everyone thinking he has finds her life also threatened by what she knows. ... Read Review