Movie Trailer for The Whistle Blower (1987) starring Michael Caine, James Fox, Nigel Havers, John Gielgud, Felicity Dean, Barry Foster, Gordon Jackson directed by Simon Langton Movie Review

The Whistle Blower (1987)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Trailer for The Whistle Blower

Working as a Russian translator at GCHQ in Cheltenham, Robert Jones (Nigel Havers - Chariots of Fire) believes that the CIA are putting pressure on the British Intelligence agency to plug any leaks, and desperate to keep the special relationship going the British agree even if it means killing agents. Confiding in his father Frank (Michael Caine - Half Moon Street), a one time GCHQ operative, over his suspicions, he is unaware that he is under surveillance. When Robert dies, supposedly falling from his roof top, Frank starts digging into what is really happening as he takes matters into his own hands. ... Read Review