Watch Borrowed Wives (1930) starring Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds, Nita Martan, Paul Hurst, Robert Livingston, Charles Sellon, Dorothea Wolbert directed by Frank R. Strayer Movie Review

Borrowed Wives (1930)   3/53/53/53/53/5

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Peter Foley (Rex Lease) is a man with a debt but also a way out because as long as he get marries he will inherit a tidy sum from his grandfather. Unfortunately his attempts to marry Alice Blake (Vera Reynolds) hit a problem when her flight is delayed. Joe Blair (Robert Livingston) who Peter owes money to comes up with a plan, for his secretary Julia (Nita Martan) to pretend to be Peter's wife so that he can visit his Uncle and claim the inheritance. The trouble is that not only does Julia already have a boyfriend in the shape of cop Bull (Paul Hurst) but Peter's uncle has desires on the money he himself and plans to use his creepy old house to stop Peter from claiming it. ... Read Review