A Friend's Obsession (2018) (aka: Lethal Admirer) Karissa Lee Staples, Kayla Ewell, Drew Seeley, Brian Ames, Pamela Roylance, Courtney Hope, Chad Duell, Lila Dupree, Matt Borlenghi, Kenneth Beck Movie Review

A Friend's Obsession (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Karissa Lee Staples in A Friend's Obsession (2018) (aka: Lethal Admirer)

Obsession by Lifetime

Life was fantastic for Megan (Karissa Lee Staples - Wrong Swipe) as her boyfriend had proposed, her job was going well and she looked great. But when her boyfriend is murdered for no apparent reason it feels like her life is over and so to get a new beginning moves across country to where her sister, Kate (Kayla Ewell - Deadly Daycare), lives and where she ends up dating a new guy, Chris (Brian Ames - I Am Watching You). But much to her surprise Lloyd (Drew Seeley - First Class Fear), who she worked with in her last job, has also relocated to the area for a new job and has had a bit of a makeover as well. But it doesn't take her long to discover that Lloyd is obsessed with her as he is always showing up.

"Same Old, Same Old" is the phrase which immediately sprung to mind as I watched "A Friend's Obsession", which is also known as "Lethal Admirer", because this is one of those obsession Lifetime movies which are less than subtle. So whilst technically I need to say spoiler alert I expect most people can guess and would work out what is going on within the first 20 minutes of sitting down to watch "A Friend's Obsession" . As such the whole movie is about Lloyd being obsessed with Megan and because of this he not only stalks her but is capable of murdering anyone who would not only get in his way but also those who upset him as well, basically beware any guy who takes a shine to Megan whether the feelings are reciprocated or not.

Drew Seeley in A Friend's Obsession (2018) (aka: Lethal Admirer)

Now in fairness Drew Seeley does a pretty decent job of playing Lloyd giving him that air of underlying tension which emerges through his eyes whenever something happens or is said which annoys him. But I have to be honest because with a cast which features Karissa Lee Staples, Kayla Ewell, Drew Seeley, Brian Ames and Courtney Hope "A Friend's Obsession" is not short of attractive looking people. And I mention it because whilst no one does a bad job of playing their character the overwhelming attractive nature of the cast ends up distracting you from the storyline, then again maybe that isn't such a bad thing.

What this all boils down to is that "A Friend's Obsession" is an okay movie but one which survives being predictable by relying on the appeal of the cast, especially Karissa Lee Staples, Kayla Ewell and Drew Seeley.