A Killer Upstairs (2005) Movie Review

A Killer Upstairs (2005)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Tracy Nelson in A Killer Upstairs (2005)

Sex, Lies and a Killer Upstairs

Troubled teen Michael Nowlin (Christopher Jacot) is young, naive and the latest in a string of casual lovers that married model Vivian Jamison (Jayne Heitmeyer) has had. But when Vivian is found murdered in the home of her husband detective Bruning (Bruce Boxleitner) soon suspects Michael of being guilty thanks to evidence pointing to his guilt and that he goes on the run. After being caught Michael convinces his single mum, Sandra (Tracy Nelson), of his innocence leading to her hiring a lawyer to try and free her son. But when a crucial person who can prove Michael's innocence just happens to end up murdered Sandra has to turn detective herself.

Two things struck me about "A Killer Upstairs", one of which is the title as it kind of gives the game away and so any attempt to create an element of doubt when it comes to Michael's story is wasted. In fairness the ingredients of doubt are there as Michael is a troubled teen who is on medication whilst has had prior trouble and so technically you could wonder. But as I said that title gives the game away especially when you watch a movie and pay attention to motives one person sticks out right from the word go and it doesn't take a genius to connect the dots to work out what is going on.

The other thing that struck me about "A Killer Upstairs" is that this is sadly one of those TV movies which is by the book and over the top. As such we have poor acting, lack of emotion, forced delivery of dialogue and a storyline which surprise surprise sees a mom turning detective to prove a loved one's innocence. The one thing that "A Killer Upstairs" has going for it is that it tries to leave an important bit of information a secret until the big ending and so tries to be a surprise twist but for me it wasn't such a surprise.

What this all boils down to is that best "A Killer Upstairs" is only ever middle of the road and sadly the plot, the acting, the attempts at creating drama is below its best and so this has little to make it either memorable or recommendable.