Campus Caller (2017) (aka: Wall of Silence) Victoria Pratt, Ireland Baldwin, Nicholas Lea, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Sage Brocklebank, Sachin Sahel, Bruce Dawson, Aaron Pearl, Daniel Bacon, Nelson Wong Movie Review

Campus Caller (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Victoria Pratt in Campus Caller (2017) (aka: Wall of Silence)

Silence of the Lab

Detective Victoria Duncan (Victoria Pratt - My Daughter Is Innocent) receives a visit from a friend who is concerned as she believes her daughter, Angie (Alexa Rowe), and Victoria's daughter, Macey (Ireland Baldwin), have gone missing whilst at university. When Victoria heads to the university to try and find out what has happened to them the Dean (Bruce Dawson - A Bramble House Christmas) tells her that both Macey and Angie were recently expelled from the university for causing a disruption at the bio-lab. But as Victoria looks through her daughter's dorm room she becomes suspicious over the Dean's explanation and starts digging deeper. But what she discovers is a wall of silence which extends beyond the university when it comes to covering up what has happened to Macey and Angie as well as to what is really going on in the bio-lab.

At about 30 minutes into "Campus Caller" I jotted down "I hope some thing happens soon". The reason is that during those opening 30 minutes very little happens as we meet Victoria, learn she is just returning to active duty after being signed off, she starts investigating the disappearance of her daughter and discovers that the bio-lab at the campus has its own security who do not like Victoria's snooping. Now with "Campus Caller" being a TV movie you can guess that the more Victoria investigates the more danger she ends up in but along the way the plot certainly thickens as we have revelations surrounding the head scientist at the lab, missing students and threatening security agents with a lot more power than your typical campus guards tend to have. But whilst I won't tell you what the connections are what I will say is that "Campus Caller" is sadly not the most gripping of TV movies with the reveals never really being that exciting.

What is clear about "Campus Caller" is that it is one of those made for TV movies which relies heavily on the likeable nature of the star which Victoria Pratt certainly has. Trouble is that likeable nature can only go so far and sadly the character of Victoria Duncan ends up annoying and unsurprisingly inconsistent. But then "Campus Caller" is one of those movies where the writing of all the characters is not great and those which end up in supporting roles end up weak.

What this all boils down to is that "Campus Caller" ends up just another made for TV movie, a time filler for those looking for a movie to watch on a lazy afternoon which doesn't demand too much attention.