A Teacher's Obsession (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Boti Bliss in A Teacher's Obsession (2015)

Emotionless Teaching

As the daughter of a wealthy politician, Bridgette (Mia Rose Frampton) has led a privileged life, having things her way and always rising to the top. But at the prestigious school she attends she has a problem as she is flunking several classes and not only is she put on academic probation she is also suspended from the Lacrosse team whilst her mother bans her from seeing boyfriend Bobby (Dillon James). But it seems that Bridgette has the unlikeliest of allies in new teacher Jane (Boti Bliss) who immediately becomes obsessed with the struggling student and seems to be going out of her way to become Bridgette's best friend, falsifying tests, upping her grades and even getting her contraceptives.

How do you play mentally disturbed? Do you go for wild eyes, or maybe awkward but normal or how about you play mentally disturbed as an emotionless cyborg. That sees to be how Boti Bliss has decided to play the role of Jane, the creepy teacher in "A Teacher's Obsession" and to put it simply it is weird. Initially it is weird in a bad way but that bad way becomes entertaining bad and borderline freaky which in truth is what keeps you watching. Whether this decision to go almost robot like was intentional I am not sure but it is so over the top that it is actually entertaining as you begin to hope this gets even freakier.

The thing is that once you get past the robotic and disturbed nature of Jane there isn't a lot else left in "A Teacher's Obsession". Yes you have the question of why Jane is like she is and why she decided to try and become Bridgette's best friend but in truth that isn't that interesting. The knock on effect of this is that you don't really care how this plays out, you don't care about Bridgette or her mum and in truth you only care for how over the top things will become.

What this all boils down to is that "A Teacher's Obsession" ends up a miss as it ends up a movie all about an over the top performance and nothing else in the movie ends up being entertaining or interesting.