Bad Dad Rehab (2016) Robert Ri'chard, Wesley Jonathan, Malik Yoba, Rick Gonzalez, Robert Christopher Riley, Dennis L.A. White, Melvin Kindall Myles Movie Review

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Malik Yoba in Bad Dad Rehab (2016)

Father Figures

Tristan (Robert Ri'chard - Coach Carter) loves his clothes, his sneakers and also his women but when it comes to his children, from his various girlfriends, well they don't matter. Pierre (Rick Gonzalez) like wise isn't interested in the child he has fathered but agreed to joint custody only to keep the maintenance payments down. For the wealthy Jared (Robert Christopher Riley) his career is more important than his daughter which has caused her to become estranged from him. And as for Shawn (Wesley Jonathan - Whitney Houston: A Tragic Love), he would love to spend time with his kids but his wife won't let him, in fact she has a restraining order against him because after he lost his business things turned bad. These four guys all find events in their lives leading them to "Dead Beat Dad", a programme run by Mr. Leon (Malik Yoba - Cool Runnings) to help bad dads to become good dads.

As movies go "Bad Dad Rehab" is not complicated and doesn't really need a lot written about it. We have four men from different walks of life, three of them are neglectful fathers and the fourth ended up at loggerheads with his wife and now can't see his children. What we get to see is each of these men being confronted by the cold hard truth about how they have let down their children and their partners and through the "Dead Beat Dad" programme can learn to be better men. Yes there are individual dramas from Pierre not wanting to admit he is a child's father to Tristan being too busy with his looks to notice he is about to be robbed in front of his children but for the most "Bad Dad Rehab" is simple with very little which will surprise you, although one thing took me surprise when it comes to how Pierre's story plays out.

The thing is that whilst "Bad Dad Rehab" isn't complicated it is a movie filled with truth and wisdom, not just for dads who are struggling to try and be good but anyone who is dealing with having come to a point in their lives where they need to change but are struggling, be it admitting their own flaws to having the strength to go again when life knocks them down yet again. I could go on but all I would be doing is describing the many inspirational and motivational scenes in "Bad Dad Rehab" and the strength of the movie comes from watching and getting to understand each of these character's struggles but also getting to see them wake up to their futures as responsible, loving dads.

What this all boils down to is that "Bad Dad Rehab" is a pretty obvious movie which for the most doesn't take you by surprise when it comes to the journeys which these men go on. But this is a movie with plenty of truth and wisdom and as such it has a great motivational quality which will attract those who like motivational movie quotes and movie scenes.