Big Boy Rides Again (1935) starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Constance Bergen, Charles K. French, Lafe McKee, Victor Potel, William Gould, Bud Osborne directed by Albert Herman Movie Review

Big Boy Rides Again (1935)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams in Big Boy Rides Again (1935)

Big Boy in the Bush

Tom Duncan (Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams) receives a letter from his father asking him to return home immediately as he needs help but by the time he gets home it is too late as his father has been killed. Back home Tom discovers some mysterious going on whilst discovering that local cutie Nancy (Constance Bergen) is sweet on him. But it seems someone wanted something belonging to old man Duncan and with Tom back he now finds himself in the firing line.

Two things spring to mind as I watched "Big Boy Rides Again", firstly whilst Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams was certainly tall that really was an unfortunate nick name and secondly how much Williams looked like George Bush. Unfortunately beyond those two things "Big Boy Rides Again" is utterly forgettable and just another one of those matinee westerns from long ago.

Now in truth having watched plenty of these old westerns my expectations for "Big Boy Rides Again" were low and so when I said forgettable I don't mean terrible just ordinary at best with countless generic elements such as Tom's father murdered and Tom finding himself caught up in the middle of it all as he tries to work out who is behind the murder and why. Throw in a romantic subplot and it ticks the boxes but fails to do much with what he has got. Although when it comes to action it does less than expected with some less than convincing fight scenes including a painful bar brawl scenes edited with supposedly people watching in shock.

What this all boils down to is that if you have an interest in old westerns then "Big Boy Rides Again" is worth watching because it stars Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams. But those looking for western entertainment will find this comes up short even for an old western.