Christmas Song (2012) starring Natasha Henstridge, Gabriel Hogan, Amanda Thomson, Brittany Adams, Jack Ettlinger, Kent Nolan, Brigitte Robinson directed by Timothy Bond Movie Review

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Natasha Henstridge in Christmas Song (2012)

Some Christmas Glee

"Christmas Song" is the sort of made for TV Christmas movie which gets churned out every year and the sort of movie which as a movie reviewer you could write a review of just by reading a synopsis. But that isn't in the least bit a criticism because these Christmas TV movies which look pretty, feature a good looking cast and feature more Christmas decorations than an overly decorated house are easy to watch. In fact in this household these sort of simple, even shallow Christmas romances are as much a part of the lead up to Christmas as are the classic Christmas movies.

When the Kasdan Academy for girl's merges with the Cresswell academy for boy's it gives headmistress Mrs. Gedler (Brigitte Robinson) plenty of problems from toilet arrangements to protecting her young girls from the new influx of boys. But the merger also causes problems for music teachers Diana (Natasha Henstridge - You Lucky Dog) and Ken (Gabriel Hogan - Accidental Friendship) as whilst Diana is traditional and believes in technique Ken is more about feeling the music. With their jobs to be merged when the cuts come in Mrs. Gedler challenges Diana and Ken to enter a Christmas Song competition on TV with a team from each class.

Gabriel Hogan in Christmas Song (2012)

So lets see we have two music teachers who disagree over how to teach music, they are rivals in a competition and of course bicker, I wonder how all this ends up? That is the obvious sort of Christmas romantic drama we have going on in "Christmas Song" and is part of the reason why I said as a movie reviewer this is the sort of movie you feel you can write about without really watching. But there is more to it in than that as we also have the attempt to bring some meaning to all this as each teacher has two children who they pick to sing and each duo is chalk n cheese. Diana picks the out going party girl Liz and the shy Amy whilst Ken has the sport jock Billy and new kid in a wheelchair Carlo, sounds a bit "Glee" like doesn't it. But this allows it to try and find some meaning beneath the main and obvious romantic storyline.

But as I also mentioned "Christmas Song" is a good looking movie with I think every single scene featuring numerous garlands and Christmas lights in the background with plenty of fake snow everywhere and some of that snow draped over bushes looks seriously fake. This pretty backdrop, which frankly borders on overkill, matches the pretty cast which is lead by Natasha Henstridge and Gabriel Hogan. I wouldn't say that there performances were great because their characters are so stereotypical but they work in this sort of movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Christmas Song" is just another one of those stereotypical romantic Christmas movies which get made each year for TV. There is nothing really wrong with it and is an attractive looking movie but it isn't one destined to become a Christmas classic.

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